Political Communication @Kobe University

Today, Nel and I will be presenting in a workshop on political communication at Kobe University:

The Netherlands’ 15 minutes of (in)fame:
political coverage and populism in the Dutch 2017 elections
dr. Nel Ruigrok
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On the 15th of March the international press was focused on the Netherlands where, after Brexit and the election of Trump a third success of populism was expected. The extreme-right Geert Wilders lead the polls during the last months and was expected to become the biggest party. However, it was the liberal party of the current prime minister that won the election, followed by the PVV. Besides this turn to more right-wing parties, also progressive parties won numerous seats, making a the political landscape more fragmented than ever. In this talk we show the different media coverage during the campaign and discuss possible effects on voting behavior of different groups of voters.

Clause analysis:
using syntactic information for automatic analysis of conflict coverage
dr. Wouter van Atteveldt
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This paper shows how syntactic information can be used to automaticallyextract clauses from text, consisting of a subject, predicate, and optionalsource. Since the output of this analysis can be seen as an enriched token list or bag of words, normal frequency based or corpus linguistic analyses can be used on this output. Taking the 2008–2009 Gaza war as an example, we show how corpus comparison, topic modelling, and semantic network analysis can be used to explore the differences between US and Chinese coverage of this war.