Mondag 20 feb: Research talk @cityu

Don’t you like it? Using CrowdSourcing for Sentiment Analysis of Dutch and English (political) text  

Wouter van Atteveldt, Antske Fokkens, Isa Maks, Kevin van Veenen, and Mariken van der Velden

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Sentiment Analysis is an important technique for many aspects of communication research, with applications from social media analysis and online reviews to negativity in political communication. The subjective and context-specific nature of evaluative language, however, makes it particularly challenging to develop and validate good sentiment analysis tools.

We use crowdsourcing to develop a tool for classifying sentiment expressed in a text about a specific target. Crowdsourcing is especially useful for sentiment analysis because of the subjective nature of the judgment, and the low cost makes it possible to code items multiple times. By comparing crowdsourcing with dictionary analysis and expert coding, we can show the most cost-effective way to conduct accurate targeted sentiment analysis.