Vacancy: PhD student with interest in mobile news and filter bubbles


The PhD Candidate will work as part of the Project Team “Inside the filter bubble: A framework for deep semantic analysis of mobile news consumption traces“, a collaboration between the VU, UvA (University of Amsterdam), CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) and the Netherlands eScience Centre.

In this project we will develop and use tracking techniques to analyse mobile news consumption patterns to determine the impact of biased and homogeneous news diets on political knowledge and attitudes. Online and mobile news consumption leaves digital traces that are used to personalize news supply, possibly creating filter bubbles where people are exposed to a low diversity of issues and perspectives that match their preferences. Filter bubbles can be detrimental for the role of journalism in democracy and are therefore subject to considerable debate among academics and policymakers alike. The goal of this project is to develop techniques for analysing (mobile) news consumption patterns to determine the impact of selective news exposure on political knowledge and attitudes. This will contribute to the quality of (digital) journalism, news supply and democracy.

Together with the other members of the project team, you will conduct the substantive analysis of these data and write papers as outlined in the project proposal, culminating in a dissertation to be defended at the VU. See for the project description or mail us for the full proposal.

We are looking for a candidate that has either a degree in communication science, journalism, or related with strong affinity with computational methods; or a degree in data science, computer science or similar with strong affinity with news and societal problems. Candidates that expect to obtain their degree in the near future are also invited to apply.